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Our Colleagues Who Are Eligible to Receive a Mastery Certificate in the Mas..

Working at Mesan means not only working, but also learning, accumulating knowledge and discovering y..

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We educated all our employees in our factory about scabies, its symptoms, d..

In March 2020, while there was no Covid-19 case in our country yet, in line with our company's fores..

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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 2nd Career and Employment Fair & Summit ..

As MESAN, we took our place at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 2nd Career and Employment Fair..

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Thanks to all the visitors who attended !

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Our visit to Namık Kemal University Çorlu Vocational School

We are adding a new one to our Business-School cooperation projects. As Mesan, thanks to the protoco..

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We went to help the Kahramanmaraş Earthquake

On February 6, 2023, in the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş and felt strongly in the surroundi..

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Taxed gain is sacred

We are proud of being recognized by the Istanbul Tax Office for our punctual and flawless taxation p..

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MESAN New Year's lottery

As MESAN, we operate our award and recognition system flawlessly. In this way, while we make our col..

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We Won the 44th Professional Committee Elections of the Istanbul Chamber of..

Together with our breakthrough and transformation team, we won the elections for the 44th Profession..

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We Attended Intermob Fair 22-26 October 2022

We took our place AT the INTERMOB fair between 22-26 October, as every year, with great excitement. ..

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Visit from Silivri Yusuf Sarıbekir Vocational and Technical High School Man..

From Silivri Yusuf Sarıbekir Vocational and Technical High School Director Gursel ERGÜN and Ahm..

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Our 2021 Continuity and Discipline Awards were given to our employees

On Continuity and discipline awards day, traditionally organized every year, we presented the a..

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Our Chairman of the Board of Directors Aliosman MERTÖZ was the guest of the..

Aliosman MERTÖZ, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, who also serves as the Chairman of the..

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