We have been here for many years..
For many years, Mesan has been working to be the leader in the sector with an innovative approach for more than 30 years,. Our 11.000 m² closed area facilities in Istanbul/Silivri offer an efficient and impressive manufacturing environment. We aim to provide the best service to our customers by continuously improving our activities
Our strength is in our production!
Our brand, a pioneer of the firsts in the sector with our high production capacity; produces special furniture accessories, furniture fasteners, kitchen and bathroom cabinet accessories, decorative and functional accessories, stoppers, shoes and corner protectors, plastic feet, aluminum feet, metal feet and sliding door systems. In addition to furniture accessories, Mesan also manufactures store and display systems. In addition to our wide product range, we also develop special products for the different demands and needs of our customers. Taking power from advanced technology, our brand will increase production capacity to the highest level with our new factory in Çorlu!
Together to a better future
We aim to keep the quality of our products at the highest level, as well as producing with the focus of minimizing the brand's carbon emission, putting the environmentally friendly production policy at the center of all our works. In this way, we are proud of being preferred by Türkiye's largest furniture manufacturers. As Mesan, we have become one of the leading brands in the Turkish furniture industry since we registered the slogan "Made in Türkiye" in 1996. The quality of our products is recognized worldwide with exports to more than 75 countries, and we proudly promote Turkish production worldwide.
Education is our first priority
Investing in the youth, the future of Türkiye, through collaborations with universities, Mesan makes a difference as a brand that adheres to the principle of continuous improvement with the training it provides to its personnel.
We care about development
Mesan, the first design center in its sector, designs and manufactures automation machines in-house. All manufactured products are tested on wooden modules prepared by professionals in our carpentry shop within the brand. The machine parks, which work non-stop for 24 hours, are constantly renewed technologically. Adding the cold forming production line to its investments, Mesan also manufactures products such as screws within its own structure. In the press shop section of the facility, the products are given a perfect shape and all necessary applications such as plastering are carried out. All of the products bearing the Mesan signature are tested in the test and prototype laboratory. As a result of these processes, we maintain our superior quality