Innovative Design

Experience the ease with IronIX, designed to ensure the most practical positioning

of irons and ironing boards in our living spaces, regardless of type.


Intertwined with Nature

The IRONIX product is produced using PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate).

Therefore, thanks to this recyclable material, we make gains for our nature.

Mounting Kit

5 x 20
x 4
5 x 50
x 4
8 x 50
x 4


Product Usage Information

1. By positioning the ironing board carrying bar on the back of the IRONIX; It can be mounted on the inner and outer surfaces of the cabinet made of wood or on any wood panel or wall covering surface.


2. With 4 screws in the size of 5x20 that came out of the package, you can assemble them using a screwdriver at the height you determine, taking into account the size of your ironing board, through 4 holes on the ironing plastic.


3. Again, the size of your ironing board or the height to be preferred, mounting on the wall surface; It can be done using 8x50 dowels and 5x50 screws included in the package.


4. IRONIX has wings for coiling the ironing board cable and a section where you can easily place the coiled ironing cables.


5. IRONIX has hanging rods that can hang ironing boards weighing up to 10 Kilograms. The ironing board is positioned by hanging on these bars.


6. In case of direct contact of an actively plugged-in, working soleplate with IRONIX, it does not melt, burn, stick or change color.


IRONIX defines the position of the iron and ironing board in the laundry room or living area, optimizing its volume.

IRONIX; Due to the heat of the soleplate, it prevents it from damaging the objects or things around it.

Iron and ironing board traditionally located in our living spaces; They can be exposed to some physical effects like everything else in their environment. An iron and ironing board can cause serious damage to the environment and people around it, which is considered as a home accident, when it is exposed to impacts such as impact, slip, overturn, fall or earthquake.

Fixing both the iron and the ironing board in the position of the iron and ironing board plastic in our living spaces helps to prevent home accidents.

IRONIX carrying plastic is aesthetic and ergonomic. It keeps the ironing board cord more organized and removes clutter.

IRONIX transport plastic is environmentally friendly. It is produced with transformable raw material.

Safe Ironix

With the screws included in the IRONIX mounting set, it provides the possibility of mounting on wooden or wall surfaces. The assembled IRONIX prevents the iron and ironing board tipping over that may occur during an earthquake. It also eliminates the risks that may occur as a result of the intervention of small children.

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