Force Cabinet Hanger; It can be used both right and left. Two pieces of metal and a cover form a set of force cabinet hangers. Module assembly should be done with at least two sets of Force.

Requirements for Assembly

Requirements 2 sets of force cabinet hangers,

Suitable for wall type min: 4 dowels

For Wall Mounting min: 4 pcs 5.5*60 screws

Min: 8 pieces of 4*20 Wood Screws for Furniture Assembly


The part numbered 105-02-41 of the force cabinet hanger element is vertically to the rear upper

inner point of the furniture, The upper rear screw hole from top to bottom is within the 32mm

axis range or to the sheet metal body 24mm from the back (from the wall direction) to the rear

screw 15mm from the front, parallel to the furniture edge It is fixed using 4 x 4*20 screws.

Care should be taken to keep the screw heads in the countersunk and tighten. The part numbered

105-02-42 of the force cabinet hanger element is mounted on the wall. While determining the

desired height of the furniture to be mounted on the wall, the size of the upper table and lower

surface of the furniture is determined from the floor. The 15mm minus of this dimension (Y-15mm)

gives the hole axis of the piece numbered 105-02-42 to be attached to the wall. Dowels should be

driven into the hole drilled into these points. It should be at least 12mm (X-12mm) smaller than

the interior width of the furniture. The screw spaces of the 105-02-42 parts attached to the wall

are in the form of slots and provide adjustment before assembly. The screw used is the RSYB Washer

cylinder head star screw 110-05-88 The furniture is suspended by passing the piece numbered

105-02-41 to the 105-02-42 L parts attached to the wall from the front to the back and downwards.

The one-sided slot allows the bathroom module to approach the wall by 7mm and to achieve a

uniform connection with the wall. As the next step, the furniture with Tightening Nuts should be

fixed with 13 wrenches. The assembly is completed when the cover 105-02-43 is driven and the

Force Hanger Element is attached to the side parts 105-02-41.

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